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Attending a Jacobs Financial Services retirement planning seminar will be highly beneficial in preparing for the financial, social, and personal aspects of retirement.

Key Benefits

Minimize Risk to Maximize Retirement
Educational Opportunities
Confidence in Decision-Making
Importance of a Tax Strategy
Access to Professionals
Cost and Fees
Motivation and Preparation
Impact and Inflation

We look forward to seeing you at one of the retirement planning seminars listed below.

You deserve to live your best retirement!

West Michigan

Grand Rapids

June 25th & 27th
Copper's Hawk

*Women Only*

July 9th & 10th
brick + brine logo

July 23rd & 25th

July 30th & 31st

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The Jacobs Financial Promise

To our clients, their families and everyone within the Jacobs Financial Community:

We believe you deserve to live your best retirement today, knowing that your money is safe regardless of what happens in the markets.

Our promise to you is simple. You can count on us to be on your journey with you.

You can count on us to challenge you to live the retirement dreams you have been planning for decades.

You can count on us to support you more than you have ever been supported.

You can count on us to build a plan that truly protects what matters most to you and your family.

We believe in living a stress-free retirement worthy of the sacrifices you’ve made to get here.

This is no longer a time for compromises, but a time for living your dreams.

You can live the best version of retirement and have fun doing it.

You can make your best years the ones in front of you.

You can spend your money and your time on your terms.

We are honored to be here for you, both in business and in life.

Together, we can and will create the retirement you, your family, and your legacy deserve.

March 29, 2023

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